More than 40 digital training lessons, with new content added every month. Modules include video training lessons, workshops, worksheets and templates to give you the skills and assistance you need, when you need it.


Access into a private community of people doing great things in the world. Celebrate success, get your questions answered in real time and get access to expert advice and solutions, on demand.


Quarterly live webinars featuring  experts from around the globe, hand picked to add value to the community. Topics are sourced from within the community to ensure each webinar is relevant and on topic for members.

I've been pondering.......

How can we keep all the inspiration, energy and excitement we get at a networking event, training or conference alive and sustained for longer?
How can we bring the magic of meeting likeminded people and
groups into our day to day lives?
How do we walk into our roles (volunteer or paid) with fresh energy each day, new drive, new ideas and a resilience that gently holds us safe no matter the challenges we face?

After more than 20 years in this space, I know that sometimes we need to access new skills and resources now and not  have to wait to attend a live training.

As a trainer, I know that the magic is within the collective wisdom of a training room, I see the power of establishing true community with likeminded peers.

The Community Leaders Academy is designed to make your purpose driven life easier, more impactful, more sustained and more connected.


Your Digital Training Modules

Get on demand access to all current and future modules. As a foundation member, you can input into which topics go live next and contribute to shaping the content you need most. This is an exclusive online academy, tailored around you and your needs as a community leader.

Ideas to Action

A workshop, made up of 9 lessons, that walk you through the steps to flesh out your idea and take action towards bringing it to life in your community. Utilising a practical step by step approach you will complete this module having developed a strong foundational plan and importantly, taking the first steps towards actioning your plan.

Strategic Planning Workshop

This is my step by step Strategic Planning workshop that I deliver live to clients. Follow along and create a full strategic plan comprising of your organisational overview and a tangible action plan that will guide your organisation through the coming 1-5 years.

Partnerships and Collaboration

Rarely do community organisations achieve success in isolation. Developing strong partnerships and collaborating with others is key to flourishing in your community. Learn the critical components in this module.

Marketing, Communications and Promotion

This module covers the core communications skills as well as lessons on storytelling, social media and how to get meaningful exposure for your initiatives.

Governance 101

This module takes you through the basics of governance and what you need to know before joining a committee or board. It also provides a glossary of governance terms, information for running your AGM, meetings and taking minutes. 

Group Dynamics, Facilitation and Great Meetings

Facilitation is one of my big passions. Have you ever witnessed the deep connection, transformation and big powerful outcomes that come from a group being expertly facilitated? This module brings together the key practices and skills to successfully transform your meetings and groupwork and to become a confident facilitator with a bag of tricks to get you through any situation.

Your Volunteer Recruitment Game Plan

Featuring the highly regarded 5A Model of Volunteer Recruitment, this is my most requested training session of the  past 10 years. Delivered in more than 100 organisations with huge success, my volunteer recruitment training is included as a bonus module for all academy members.

Technology Tool Box

Fast tracked due to demand of the current climate, this tech tool box module will give you tutorials on utilising free (or super cheap) digital programs that will super charge your organisation and help to operate more efficiently in the digital world.

Wellbeing and Self care


The community sector has an extraordinarily high rate of burnout, in both our staff and volunteers. As a trained yoga teacher, a lifetime student of self development and a previous survivor of career burnout in the NFP sector, this is the toolbox I wished I'd had when I begun a life of activism, volunteerism and community leadership.




You have a big mission and now you need to fund it. In this module we look into the vast array of fundraising methods and step you through how to choose which ones are right for your organisation. We cover the importance of diversifying your funding sources in order to give your organisation stability and long term planning options.

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Meet your host and trainer

I'm Kim, and I've spent my whole career in the not for profit sector (well except for that short stint in Insurance but that sure wasn't for me). Over the past 20 years, I've worked for the big guys like Greenpeace and World Vision as well as with small community organisations like Friends and Landcare groups, community houses and mental health support groups. I've studied Communications and Public Relations, Facilitation, Training, Coaching and non profit management. Im a volunteer, a committee member, a consultant, an environmentalist and a mum. I've worked with non profits in 31 countries, trained 100s of leaders, recruited thousands of volunteers and raised millions of dollars for the causes i've put my time and energy into. And now....I've taken all this education and experience and packaged it up into Community Leaders Academy. I'm so incredibly excited to facilitate this community for you and to support you in your purpose driven journey. I can't wait to watch you rise.

"We engaged Kim Boswell to build our Volunteer Training Portal, a big undertaking, but a critical piece aimed at providing greater support for volunteers, improving the volunteer experience and ultimately, increasing volunteer numbers. Even before the project started, Kim immersed herself in our organisation, to make sure she had a clear understating of our needs, our ‘voice’ and our volunteers. Her professional yet friendly approach, as well as her deep understanding of the volunteer experience and the NFP sector ensured she not only understood context but she was also able to relate to and build rapport with everyone she worked with. The end result is a product that not only meets all our original aims and will be genuinely useful, but will also add value to our organisation. If you are looking for someone to develop or review your training processes with an online portal, and who delivers high quality work, I highly recommend Kim."

Sue McIvor
CEO - Fernlea House

"Having worked with a variety of consultants, trainers and leadership programs over the years I would have to say that Kim's expertise is of the highest level and would fully recommend her as an employee or consultant in these areas."

Greg Bradley
Donor Programs Manager, University of the Sunshine Coast

""Kim is a talented and engaging trainer who gets results. She has a deep knowledge and passion for community volunteerism. She knows the ins and outs deeply and can deliver complex learnings in simple ways that we can easily implement. Its clear she truly cares about her students and getting us outcomes""

Katherine Kenny
Business Administrator

"The Mornington Peninsula Landcare Network were so pleased with the workshop Kimberley ran for our Landcare committee members on ‘Building and Sustaining a Vibrant Committee’. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees reporting that they felt more confident in recruiting the right people for their committee, and understood the importance of celebrating their success and sharing their group’s story. Attendee Graham reported “Kim was very knowledgeable, uplifting and passionate’ and Tony mentioned Kim was a “very skilled presenter”. We would definitely recommend Kimberley as an engaging and innovative facilitator who really does her homework before workshops in order to present a workshop tailored especially to the audience. Thank you Kim!"

Jacqueline Salter
Mornington Peninsula Shire

"Nothing great happens without great teams. Greenpeace USA doubling in size, building a face-to-face fundraising program that set the standard in the U.S., and generating $23m per year in monthly donors could not have happened without a key member of that team: Kimberley Boswell. Kim brought deep knowledge, stunning emotional intelligence, a broad perspective from a breadth of experience, and a vision that inspired everyone around her. She came to the U.S. both to manage our important market (New York) and to join the core team that co-created one of the best small donor acquisition programs in the U.S. Kim understands how to get to scale and how to support, coach, and inspire each person one-on-one. She understands the nuts and bolts operations of fundraising and how to reach peoples' hearts. She brings a unique combination of hard work, passion, humility, love for the people she works with, a well as an unquestioned passion for what she works for. Working with Kim will stretch you, challenge you, and help you achieve more. If you want your organization to truly meet its mission, you want Kim on your team."

Phil Radford
Former CEO, Greenpeace USA

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More than 40 core training lessons

BONUS 5A model of Volunteer Recruitment Training

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More than 40 core training lessons

BONUS 5A model of Volunteer Recruitment Training

Exclusive access to quarterly webinars

Access into online community of members


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