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50 compelling ways to thank your volunteers

It's always a good time to be recognising and showing appreciation to our volunteers. But what will you do this time? It can be really tough to come up with great, engaging and new ideas every year. Don't sweat it, I have you covered with these 50 interesting, engaging ideas for giving thanks to your volunteers.
From digital thanks, creative thanks, funny thanks and event thanks. Make  thanks a smash hit with your volunteers with these 50 ideas.

The 5A Model of Volunteer Recruitment

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With 20 years experience designing and delivering training for community groups and not for profits, these are my most requested sessions, launched online and on demand. The skills and resources you need when you need them.

Access individual topics or join the academy and get a whole suite of fundraising, community engagement and governance skills, along with access to the interactive community, all for one lifetime membership price. 



Bespoke training solutions catered to your teams specific needs and key objectives, delivered in person. As a trained facilitator, I offer unique, interactive and experiential learning experiences and follow up strategies that ensure supported implementation.

Also available for group facilitation solutions including conflict resolution, strategic planning and independent meeting facilitation.



Do you need a straight forward and easy way to train your staff and volunteers?
Are you looking to ensure consistent messaging through inductions so that your team can hit the ground running and master their roles consistently and efficiently? Do you find that your people are needing to revisit basic core skills training frequently, sucking up precious staff resources and time?

Training and induction portals are powerful solutions to take the pain out of training and inducting staff without losing the element of personalisation.

Automated and seamless, you’ll love this efficient and effective approach to tracking your peoples progress and ensuring they have the right skills, support and mindset to do their allocated work with the added bonus of easily meeting compliance obligations.



Imagine how great it would feel to have a coach of your own, solely focused on your goals, success and happiness in the workplace.

It can be tough to find a manager that meets all our needs and unfortunately, far too often our leaders are so busy in their own roles and heads, that they fall short of our expectations in terms of support, accountability, skill development and true focus on evolving our career to the heights we know we are capable of.

Take the step, invest in you and become the hero of your own career. Coaching places are very limited, click below to apply.



Purpose driven people, the time to rise is now. Our world is facing unprecedented challenges and it is those who choose to dedicate their spare time as volunteers or their careers for social change who will become the heroes of the stories that shape our future.

I have worked in community engagement and fundraising for almost 20 years, building big capacity and raising millions of dollars across the world. Working in leadership roles in more than 20 countries, I'm accomplished at and passionate about building powerful, innovative programs that make a difference in the lives of both the communities and causes they exist to serve, and the staff and volunteers who work within them. 

With both online and offline services, I am utilising my vast passion, education and experience in group facilitation, group training and leadership coaching to support you, the people in small to medium not for profit organisations and community groups to rise to your potential, thrive in your chosen roles and create massive positive action in our world.



10 Ways to Collaborate at Your Events

Dec 05, 2021

Grab your free self care kit today and arm yourself with the tips, tools and tricks to keep you kicking goals long term. 

“First secure your own facemask before assisting anyone else.”  We have all heard the airline drill. It’s the same for us purpose driven folks working for social change. Don’t become another statistic of burnout in our sector. Our challenges are big and we need you to stick around.
Get your sustainable self in gear and ready to fight the good fight!