Meet Kim

Time is short, we have much to do. It’s time now, to rise together, strengthen our skills our mindset and our movements.

Hi there legend!

I'm Kim and I am the founder of The Forever Agenda.

I am all about the frontlines of the not for profit sector. The fundraisers, the volunteers, the community leaders and the community engagement folks. You are my people. I live to see you flourish in your career and the causes you put your time and energy into. 

I have worked in community engagement and fundraising for almost 20 years, building big capacity and raising millions of dollars across the world. Working in leadership roles in more than 20 countries I'm accomplished at and passionate about building powerful, innovative programs that make a difference in the lives of both the communities they serve, and the staff and volunteers who work within them. 

Like you, I deeply yearn for a sustainable and just world and I know we can only get there if we support and nurture purpose driven people in their chosen causes and promote sustainable behaviours within our people that support them to stay in the sector and have long and successful careers making change for a better forever. 

Throughout my career I've seen way too many incredible people burnout, become apathetic or never reach their full potential due to a toxic leadership and a lack of support for their career. The fallout from this can be immense and sometimes people really struggle to recover. 

The Forever Agenda has been a dream of mine for more than 5 years now. To utilise my vast passion, education and experience in group facilitation, training and leadership coaching to support the people in small to medium not for profit organisations and community groups to rise to their potential and become the hero in the stories that will shape our future. I often work with other talented individuals whom have been a part of my not for profit journey and if I am not the best placed person for your job, I pride myself on utilising my vast network of skilled colleagues to find you the right person to meet your objectives.

These days I'm based in Melbourne, Australia where if I'm not behind the MacBook or elevating change makers into their awesome, you'll find me hanging out with my gorgeous little family, teaching yoga, drinking fabulous coffee, wandering a weekend market or getting my hands dirty in the garden.

Want to increase your income, reach and impact?

Powerful community engagement strategies are vital for community groups and not for profit organisations. In these days of information saturation, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to stand out from the crowd, have your voice heard and get your audience to take action.

As not for profit people, it can often feel like we are required to be a “jack of all trades”. With limited budgets and increasing workloads, we often find ourselves having to learn new skills quickly in order to manage our teams and further our programs.

Don’t worry, I have your back.

When it comes to community engagement, fundraising, behaviour change and impactful social change programs, I know my stuff inside and out and across multiple cultures. I’ve run teams of 1 to 1000 and made a career out of providing bridges for the public to engage in the causes they care about.

Whether you’re looking to induct and train your volunteers, to network with a community of folks working in roles similar to yours, to access valuable skills and mindset trainings for your self and your people or even if you are just looking to keep your head above water in this crazy sector. I’m here. Let's get you unstuck and moving forward, the world is counting on you!


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