Recruit and retain perfectly matched and energised volunteers 

step by step

And stake your claim as a leading place to volunteer

Without the workload overwhelm. 
Or the frustration of registered volunteers failing to show up.
Or those annoying feelings of failure, after all your hard work, when they (or you) discover its not right for them.

If you’re the leader of a community group, non profit or volunteer program manager, looking to grow your team of volunteers while releasing yourself from the endless to do lists and overwhelm, then you already know that…. there must be a better way.

You know that times have changed and with them, you too, must shift to a more targeted and planned approach to volunteer recruitment and retention.

You know its time to do away with the passive approaches of days gone by, to escape the treadmill of putting endless opportunities and advertisements out there in exchange for very little return on investment and a continuously rotating stream of people.



There is an abundance of perfectly suited, highly talented potential volunteers out there right now, keen to get involved and they're looking for you too!
Even if you're lucky enough to have some great volunteers on board already and fabulous systems and processes in place, taking a fresh approach and working within a clear step by step model will....

  • Cut through the noise

    There are 600,000 not for profits operating in Australia and more than 1.5 million in America. That means that competition for potential volunteers is at an all time high. Couple this with the explosion of information we are now exposed to through tv, radio, social media, sms, phone calls, email and notifications
    ..... All this, all day, everyday! 
    You now find yourself in a saturated market where standing out from the crowd can be your biggest challenge.
  • Resonate, in a big way, with your target audience

    There is a popular marketing mantra;
    "If you speak to everybody, you speak to nobody"
    At times, we are just looking for someone, anyone, to step in and volunteer and in our desperation, we make our advertising so broad that it fails to hit the mark. We end up left with little to no results for all our efforts. Worse still, we get so eager for bums on seats, that we accidentally end up with a tone of desperation and our messaging begins to take on an essence of begging, not recruiting.
  • Inspire people to take action

    67% of people state the reason they did not volunteer as "I don't have enough time" What that figure doesn't show is that there is so much more lying behind that. When we dig below the surface of  initial objections and meet people where they are at, we can serve them in a bigger way. When we meet the needs of others (instead of just focussing on our own) the dynamic shifts, people get excited to prioritise your needs in their life and time ceases to become the key issue. FACT - People make time for what is important, it is only a matter of priority.
  • Increased return on investment (ROI)

    Lets face it, we put an incredible amount of time, energy and money into recruiting volunteers. Often with very little return. Many organisations have come to believe that this is just the way it is. What are your current methods costing you? A planned and targeted approach will increase your ROI, resulting in a more efficient, happy team all round.

I get it, it's tough. As a not for profit leader you are expected to be a jack of all trades.

Even though the motivation to overcome the challenges you face with recruiting volunteers is clear, the path to actually doing it is anything but

Revolutionise my volunteer recruitment?

But where the heck do I start?


You might have recruited many volunteers before, perhaps you even have a thriving group. You look deeper into the stats and you realise that the majority of your volunteers have come from friends of existing volunteers and referrals, as opposed to your elaborate recruitment campaigns.

You have tried making gorgeous posters, flyers and adverts, putting way more hours in than you thought it would take (Gah! why does it always take so long to make it look good) You get them out there in the world and then kick back and get ready for the phone to ring.
Then......... crickets!

You may have tried a bunch of stuff; stands at markets and events, adverts in job seeker websites, social media campaigns. But the results are limited and leave you feeling exhausted and lacking motivation to keep trying.

You may have even been to training in the past, where you took great notes and were excited by the ideas presented. Then you went back to the day to day, got busy being busy and found your un- actioned notes in the drawer 6 months later.

Here's why many recruitment campaigns fail;

Budgets are tight in our NFP world. You find yourself in a role that demands, overnight, that you become a Recruiter, a Trainer, a Manager, a Team Leader, a Project Manager, a Cleaner, a Coach, a Secretary and everything in between. Sometimes you're doing all this as a volunteer yourself. The lists are endless and it seems like you may never actually get time to even figure out what your volunteers will do, let alone recruit them in to contribute to your important mission. 

Without a targeted, clear step by step process that guides you through the detail and supports you along the way  recruitment can stagnate, with small but important elements getting lost along the way which have huge impacts on results and leave you the the leader wondering what went wrong.

There must be another option

Getting it right is critical, it means taking the pressure off. It means lunch breaks without worry and actually getting out of the office at a decent hour because you are not having to cover for unfilled positions. It means getting back to enjoying your group or organisation for what it is, instead of being continuously lost in what needs to get done.

*It means hands raising with excitement at your AGM when you call for nominations.  *It's events that run like clock work because you have the people power to get it done   *It's finally completing those important, but not urgent, jobs that have sat on your list for a year. *It means freedom and job satisfaction and a team that is energised and fun to be around.

The 5 myths around volunteer recruitment that are killing your results and costing you a huge number of advocates.

Myth 1

Volunteering is a selfless act

Everyone who gives time (or money) is driven by an internal feedback loop. When we get something fulfilling as a result of our actions, we are likely to continue the behaviour. People who get nothing personally from volunteering, do not volunteer.
All volunteering is selfish, the key is to figure out the motivations of individuals and incorporate them.

Myth 2

People are too busy

It seems like everyone, these days, has caught the busy bug. We are all over committed, over stretched and protective of our limited time. The reality is that time is the only thing that is 100% equal. No matter who we are, we all have the same number of hours in the day. It is therefore actually a question of priorities.
So if you can appeal effectively to peoples priorities, then time ceases to be an issue.

Myth 3

Competition is too fierce

There are so many worthy causes these days, all worthy of volunteer time. But getting competitive doesn't serve us. There are absolutely enough volunteers to go around. Your results are completely in your control and sometimes its not so much what you do but how you do it that makes all the difference.

Myth 4

Plans are only made to be broken

I get it, you're not a big organisation, you don't have tons of time, expertise and resources to funnel into planning. You do what you can and most of the time that is flying by the seat of your pants.You are about doing, not about talking and you just need to get the job done.
Failing to plan your volunteer recruitment effectively is costing you more time, money and resources than you expect. It's saving you today and hurting your tomorrow. Planning is important and it can be simple, fast and efficient. You just need the right process to follow.

Myth 5

I have a small, closed community, so recruitment for me is different eg. school, church, sporting club etc.

We all like to think we are different. The reality is that it takes all the same ingredients to bake this cake, sure you might alter the method slightly but essentially, the recipe is the same.
You too, can completely revolutionise your recruitment and have your members and community jumping at the chance to get involved at a deeper level.

Shhhhhh..... I'm going to let you in on a little secret

Even though the volunteering sector is massive and the pool of willing volunteers is enormous and growing every day - it's not an evenly distributed one.

And the main reason for this, as you've probably seen by now, is that while the barriers to entry are LOW, meaning any organisation can throw their hat in the ring and reap the benefits of engaging volunteers.
...............The barriers to EFFECTIVE EXECUTION are fairly high. 

But as long as you avoid the biggest blunders and pitfalls  that sink most recruitment campaigns the path is paved for you to be a leading Volunteer Involving Organisation (VIO)

One that is highly regarded by volunteers and is a joyous and IMPACTFUL organisation to be a part of.

The key ingredient to all this is an effective VOLUNTEER RECRUITMENT GAME PLAN and thats what I want to show you.

Having worked with a variety of consultants, trainers and leadership programs over the years I would have to say that Kim's expertise is of the highest level and would fully recommend her as an employee or consultant in these areas

Greg Bradley, Donor Programs Manager, University of Sunshine Coast.


"Kim is a talented and engaging trainer who gets results. She has a deep knowledge and passion for community volunteerism. She knows the ins and outs deeply and can deliver complex learnings in simple ways that we can easily implement. Its clear she truly cares about her students and getting us outcomes"

Catherine Kenny, Business Aminstrator, Fernlea.


Your Volunteer Recruitment Game Plan

Featuring; The 5A model of Volunteer Recruitment.
A step by step, tried and tested model, to super charge your volunteer recruitment and get the results you are looking for

Over the past 20 years, working in the not for profit sector I have trained leaders in 30 + countries.
I have recruited more than 1500 volunteers and gained insights and experience working in large, international NGOs as well as small grassroots community organisations. 

For the past 10 years I have been delivering volunteer recruitment training to not for profit organisations and the results
speak for themselves;
*** The organisation that recruited 300 volunteers in 3 weeks.*** 
*** Or the community group that went from having people bullied into committee positions one year and then fill all positions plus
have 5 general member stand at the following AGM.***
*** Or the 185 volunteers with an average age of 29 that I recruited for an environmental organisation that had an
average volunteer age of 67.***
.........and countless more. 

I've taken all this, along with the patterns and pitfalls, the psychology and sales and have distilled it into a digital course
just for you. 

Your Volunteer Recruitment Game Plan is my most requested session and it is the ONLY program of its kind that…

1. Admits that all volunteering at it's heart is selfish and digs into the psychology of recruitment, motivations and utilises Neuroscience to help you design your plan.
2. Saves you time, by paving an easy step by step path to follow and giving you all the worksheets, cheatsheets and resources you need to run a successful recruitment campaign
3. That teaches you how NOT to compete, but how to carve out your own unique slice of the market and to get proactive in claiming it.
4. That makes the planning phase fast and efficient, prioritising and freeing up your time, not for sifting through loads of applications but for truly connecting with people.
5. That gives a comprehensive and simple solution for closed community recruitment, giving you a step by step playlist for activating your existing membership.

So if you're ready for recruiting great volunteers while avoiding losing more time and energy in the run around methods.....

Here's how I'm going to help you get there:

A sneak peak inside..........

Phase 1 Highlights:
  • What you might not know about the state of modern volunteering, or the trends driving the sector and how you can use this to stand out from the crowd.
  • How to overcome barriers and make them work in your favour.
  • How to recognise when recruitment is NOT the solution to the issue you face.
Phase 2 Highlights
  • The 5 step framework and how to use it to make every journey into recruitment efficient and destined for success.
  • How to become a communications  expert overnight by simply understanding your audience and getting laser focused on how you speak with them.
  • Use basic neuroscience and psychology to supercharge your recruitment in an authentic and impactful way.
Phase 3 Highlights
  • How can we avoid people giving us a reluctant yes and get true, congruent agreement to getting on board. What is the damage of failing to do so.
  • What is meaningful action and why it makes all the difference to long term outcomes.
  • How can we shift to a mindset of lifetime value. The game changing method of creating allies not just retaining volunteers.

20 years of hands on practical experience and real life learning and results have produced this training.
The results of my clients over the past 10 years have solidified my confidence in the tools and tactics.

Now, for the first time ever, I'm delivering it online. So that you can access the know how, without the high price of in person training, without the travel or traffic, in the comfort of your home, or office or home office. Or even via the app so you can headphones in, be on the go.

Access on demand, the skills and steps you need, as you need them, wherever you need them and as many times as you need them, for the lifetime of the program. That means when you enrol today, you get all updates and future additions to this training absolutely free, forever.


Enrol today and get access right away


This low price of $97 is a one time only offer, next year the price will more than double as I expand my digital offering and bring more of my face to face training programs into the online world. Get in now as a foundation member to to secure the lowest price I have ever offered volunteer recruitment training at.


Lifetime access to Your Volunteer Recruitment Game Plan + the 5A Recruitment Model


Foundation price



Lifetime access to Your Volunteer Recruitment Game Plan and the 5A recruitment model

+ 1 hour implementation coaching, one on one with Kim.


Foundation price



Your Volunteer Recruitment Game Plan is PERFECT for you if….......... 

  1. You are new to volunteer recruitment and you just want to get it right.
  2. You are tired of putting loads of time and energy into methods that don't get you the results you are looking for
  3. You are keen for a step by step process that frees you up to focus on the stuff you really like doing.
  4. You are sick of people feeling forced to take on committee roles because no one else will.
  5. You are excited about a future where you have engaged and happy volunteers delivering meaningful contributions in your organisation.
  6. You are feeling bored of the same old, same old and are keen for a fresh perspective and new ideas.
  7. You are ready to take the actions needed to generate the results.

If you said “yes” to at least 4 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside 

Your Volunteer Recruitment Game Plan

Bonus coaching upgrade option

These days I take on VERY limited coaching clients and currently have a waitlist. 

To celebrate the launch of my online program i'm opening up just 10 additional 1 hour coaching sessions to assist you with implementing your plan.
These sessions can be taken anytime within the next 6 months. That means you have ample time to go through the course and decide when to best use your coaching time. Sessions can be taken all at once or divided into 2 x 30min sessions, in order to get optimum results and accountability.

Get the first class treatment with one on one coaching support.
Go on legend, you deserve a bit of first class!

Usually my coaching rate is $250 per hour but when purchased combined with this foundation offer, the price is just $200 per hour.


Lifetime access to Your Volunteer Recruitment Game Plan + the 5A Recruitment Model

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Lifetime access to Your Volunteer Recruitment Game Plan and the 5A recruitment model
+ 1 hour Implementation coaching, one on one with Kim.

$297 AUD


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